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Can you Run Xcode in Linux? Ask Question. Asked 9 years, 5 months ago.

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Active 5 months ago. Viewed k times. Can you run Xcode in Linux? From what I have heard, there is a MonoDevelop plugin that has an iPhone simulator. Eric Leschinski Mohit Deshpande Mohit Deshpande I think this is what you're looking for Apple released swift to replace xcode for linux ios devs cnet. They released swift not Xcode. Still not good. It's just that the language is open source and published on Linux together with a standard library.

It is not intended to make iOS apps or replace Xcode.

More like to make Linux apps with swift. Of course this would simplify the job of people wanting to make a cross compiler. Apple is particularly stingy when it comes to license agreements.

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But then you still need Apple's ld to link the final binary. Cyril Durand Evan Langlois. Swift is open source already - swift. Ian Ian 71 1 1 bronze badge. I run You must follow a howto. It works almost flawlessly. I am danish, so I had to build my own keybord layout. Even Server can only be legally virtualized only on Apple Hardware; I think it would be legal however to run Linux on Apple hardware and then Mac OS X as its guest though I'm not sure this is an attractive option. KristianSpangsege: glad to hear it runs for you under VirtualBox I installed about 5 different versions and all were very slow.

Roman Kagan Roman Kagan 5, 24 24 gold badges 76 76 silver badges bronze badges. And no, there is no way to run Xcode on Linux. Sorry for all the bad news. If you want to try out new releases, you can make a copy of the entire site and update the Hugo executable. All three locations will work for you. In the interest of brevity, this guide focuses on option 2. Download the current tarball for the Mac.

YY is the release number.

Installing Mac OSX on Virtual Box in Linux Mint

You may need to add your bin directory to your PATH variable. The which command will check for us.

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If it can find hugo , it will print the full path to it. Otherwise, it will not print anything.

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First, start up an editor:. Close the terminal and open a new terminal to pick up the changes to your profile. Verify your success by running the which hugo command again. You can install Go directly from the Go website or via Homebrew using the following command:. If you want to compile Hugo with all the latest changes which might include bugs , clone the Hugo repository:.

This will fetch the absolute latest version of the dependencies. Once you have properly configured your directory, you can compile Hugo using the following command:. Windows 7 and 8.

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Run a few commands to verify that the executable is ready to run, and then build a sample site to get started. At the prompt, type hugo help and press the Enter key. You should see output that starts with:. If you do, then the installation is complete. Run the command to generate a new site. Change into that directory and list the contents. You should get output similar to the following:. You can also install Hugo from the Arch Linux community repository.

Applies also to derivatives such as Manjaro. Fedora maintains an official package for Hugo which may be installed with:. For the latest version, the Hugo package maintained by daftaupe at Fedora Copr is recommended:. See the related discussion in the Hugo forums.

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The Hugo executable has one optional external dependency for source code highlighting Pygments. If you want to have source code highlighting using the highlight shortcode , you need to install the Python-based Pygments program.

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The procedure is outlined on the Pygments homepage. If you have questions, ask the Hugo community directly by visiting the Hugo Discussion Forum. Unix absLangURL absURL after anchorize append apply base64 chomp complement cond countrunes countwords dateFormat default delimit dict echoParam emojify eq errorf fileExists findRE first float ge getenv group gt hasPrefix highlight htmlEscape htmlUnescape humanize i18n imageConfig in index int intersect isset jsonify lang.

Oh! "Darling" emulator illustrates complexity of bringing Mac software to Linux.

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