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Select the drive from which you want to restore your PSD files.

Please share your experience with recovering PSD files with others. Back Explore. Android Toolbox.

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Card Recovery Solutions Photo Recovery. Mac Recovery Data Recovery Tips. Recover Data. WhatsApp Transfer. Free Download Free Download. Part 1. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating system. Also, there is effective software like Recoverit that will help you recover any lost data, regardless of the reason. Photoshop is a full-featured software or application designed especially for editing photo, images, and videos. It edits a single image or can modify a batch of photos.

It is widely used by graphic designers, photographers, and individuals to create the high-quality best image. Adobe software is heavy and requires more RAM and high processor speed to run or work efficiently. Therefore, sometimes this leads to a software crash which is the reason behind unsaved Photoshop files. They do so in case of an emergency, hurry. Also, many times due to weak power system the PC gets sudden shutdown, which results in unsaved files.

After hours of working on Photoshop, lost a file due to virus attack is frustrating. To avoid this occurrence of unsaved Photoshop files update your malware detection system. Photoshop file loss may seem unavoidable to you, but with proper precautions and measure, you can prevent it. First, understand the primary causes of lost Photoshop photos. The top reason for losing Photoshop images is deleting files accidentally without having any backups.


People often lose data because they do not have proper workflow procedures and backup. Hard drives may fail or crash for a variety of reasons. While some failures occur due to worn out hardware, others due to factors like:. Power outages are bad for PC and Photoshop files. Power surge results in an unexpected shutdown of your computer that takes its toll on the running Photoshop photos and they get lost from the system.

Shutting off the system without saving the data or Photoshop file results in loss of photos. Most times, People shut down their system forgetting they haven't saved files yet. The loss of the Photoshop file can happen with anyone at any time.

So, be prepared in advance for it. Try to enable autosave option of Adobe Photoshop or take measures to avoid losing Photoshop files.

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In case, if you lose the files due to some unfortunate incident, you can always turn to Recoverit Photo Recovery software. How to Perform Photoshop Recovery. Selena Lee. It also has powerful built-in-Data Analyzer Engine that increases scan speed. Free Download Recoverit Photo Recovery Recoverit is a free application that recovers all major file types, including photos, documents and many more. Recovers lost data from corrupt drives due to reasons like power failure, malware attack, etc.

PSD Recovery: Easiest Way to Recover Unsaved Files in Adobe Photoshop

Restore deleted files from the recycle bin. Recovers data lost due to emptying the Recycle Bin or accidental deletion. Available on: Windows Mac. Start Download.

4 Simple Solutions to Fix Scratch Disk is Full Error on Mac

But are you wondering how you can get back unsaved PSD files? How to Recover Unsaved File from Photoshop To recover an unsaved file from Photoshop, ensure that auto-save function is enabled in your Adobe Photoshop. Now, rights click on it and to get your required file. Enable autosave by the follow the following steps. Launch the Photoshop autosave application by double click on it. Now, click on the file on the toolbar. Gabriela Carter. Bianca Felix.

4 Methods to Recover PSD Files from Windows Computer

Faysal Hafidi. Powered by Get Satisfaction. Community powered support for Photoshop Family. New Post. Home Categories About. Sign In Register. Community Home Products: Photoshop. Photoshop: How do I recover an auto-saved file after a crash? Photoshop CS6 just crashed on me while I was working on a file.

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PS should reload the last autosave of the file I have it set to 10 minutes when re-opened. But when I reopened PS, it didn't reload any files. Where would the file be autosaved to so I can re-open it? I checked the drives set at scratch disks, but couldn't see anything even with hidden files shown. All 12 Replies. Chris Cox Posts Reply Likes. Just relaunch Photoshop and the saved files will be opened. There have been some reports of problems when the scratch disk is set to something other than the boot disk, possibly in combination with permissions issues.

We're still trying to reproduce that, but haven't been able to so far. Tim Collins 5 Posts 0 Reply Likes. I feel like I've had this happen to me in the past. But PS CC 15 just crashed on me. I reopened it and there was nothing.