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Some windows do paint their own interfaces, though, so this may not always work. Type xkill into the dialog and press Enter. Your cursor will change to an X. Click a window and the xkill utility will determine what process is associated with that window, and then immediately kill that process. The window will instantly vanish and close. Your Linux desktop probably has a tool that works similarly to the Task Manager on Windows, too. Open the System Monitor utility to see a list of running proesses — including background ones.

Which would list all processes and pipe that list to the grep command, which will filter it and print only lines containing Firefox. You can also get the process ID from the top command and many other places. That is, run the command like so:.

How To Force Quit Mac Applications

The pgrep and pkill commands help streamline this. You could then feed that number to the kill command. The killall command is like pkill, but a bit more precise. Only one copy of Firefox can be open at a time. You may have gotten this message if Firefox has recently crashed or you killed the process. The reason this error is appearing is likely because there is a lock file on your Firefox profile. You can then remove the. Enjoy this tip? Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Enter your email address below:.

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  • I am getting this same error. I tried through Terminal first. Just copied and pasted the lines from this article into it. Nothing happened. What should I be looking for in Activity Monitor. We have this problem on a Mac running Mavericks. We are still getting the same message about FF already being open even though there is no sign of FF nor a profile anywhere on the computer, as far as I can tell.

    I am running FireFox Unfortunately Apple does not get notified of that problem. Although Apple may have building full of notifications of an application that has failed to work in macOS Sierra. There could be more than one.

    Force Quit on a Mac: 3 Easy Ways to Close Frozen Applications

    For me there were two. I used that and it worked. Did not understand the head or tail of it though, but glad it worked. Apple terminal is a pain in the neck.

    How to Speed Up Firefox on Your Mac and MacBook Pro

    Thanks a lot anyway. See … this is why I love the internet. After using this command I have found that no Mac I work in a school has had the same problem again. You saved me much time and aggravation. The Activity Monitor app was an easy way to fix the problem.

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    Hi Marcus, I know your post is from years ago, but hopefully you will reply. What should I be looking for in Activity Monitor?

    Frozen: How to Force Quit an OS X App Showing a Spinning Beachball of Death

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