Mac mail spam filter doesnt work

Select the item then go to the row of icons at the top of the screen and click the thumbs-down button.

Spam Filtering Tools & Plug-ins For OS X Mail

This will mark the email as spam and move it directly into the Junk folder. One long-time favourite is C-Command SpamSieve which adds a Bayesian spam filtering system to Mac Mail alongside a massive list of rules for determining junk items. It can be a little tricky to set up in the first instance as it requires you to create Rules in Mail , but there is a step-by-step process by C-Command in the SpamSieve manual.

3. Spamfire

Filters and security settings are all well and good, but there is always going to be gaps in the system. Often spam emails are used to steal financial information or to deposit malware on your computer. For example banks or online payment services such as Paypal will never email you saying your account details need to be updated, or there is a problem on your account, and then ask you to click a link that will take you to its site so you can enter your details.

How I Use Mail Rules To Get Rid Of Spam For Good.

This is called a Spear phishing attack as is commonly used to steal data from unsuspecting victims. If you fear there might be a problem with your account then open your browser, go directly to the website and log in manually. The other common attack is to send through a document or image file and ask you to open it. Of course this could be a real email, but before clicking on anything just consider whether the person sending the item would write something like that or include unsolicited attachments?

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You can mark any message in the message list as Junk Mail. Select the unwanted refuse in the message list and then click the Junk button on the Mail window toolbar, which marks the message.

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  6. If a message is mistakenly marked as junk, but you actually want it, display the message in the preview box and then click the Not Junk button at the top of the preview box. After you train Mail to recognize spam with a high degree of accuracy, turn it to full Automatic mode, and it moves all those worthless messages to your Junk folder.

    When you receive more mail, mark messages as junk or mark them as not junk. Mail creates a Junk folder and prompts you for permission to move all junk messages to this folder.