How to find and delete hidden files on mac

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Three Ways to See Hidden Files on Mac

Igor Degtiarenko. Writer and blogger at MacPaw, curious just about everything. Did you enjoy this post? Subscribe Now. March 21, Updated: March 25, CleanMyMac X.

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How to Clear Hard Drive Space on Mac + Delete Hidden Files

This is the first step toward cleaning out your Mac, and freeing up space on your drive. This is especially important if you have a Mac with an SSD and limited storage.

How to Show Hidden Files and Folders on Your Mac

The first place to look to sweep out unneeded cruft on your Mac is in your Applications folder. When you bought your Mac, it came with a number of applications installed, and you may have downloaded and installed many others.

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  • Manually searching for duplicates with Finder;

But do you use them all? To add a column showing the date you last used an application, right-click on the column headers and choose Date Last Opened. Click that column header to sort by that date; it will be in descending order, showing the most recently used apps first. Click that header again to change the sort order, showing the apps you haven't used in the longest time first.

If you see apps that you recognize, and know you don't use any more, delete them. Don't delete anything if you're not sure; there may be apps that you might need at some point. In the screenshot above, taken on my MacBook, you can see a folder for Microsoft Office I rarely use Office—as you can tell from the version—but I won't delete it, because I may need to open or edit an Office file at some point. If you're not sure about any apps, don't delete them.

Next, sort your apps by size. To do this, click the Size column header. You may have some very large apps that you don't use, and some of these may be Apple apps. For example, if you've downloaded iMovie and GarageBand, but don't use the apps, they take up, respectively, 2. You can always redownload any apps you've bought or downloaded from the Mac App Store; for other apps, ones that you may have bought directly from developers, it's best to hold on to them if you're not sure.

Tidy up your desktop

You can do the same with iOS apps in iTunes. Now that you can see all the hidden folders and files in the Finder say that three times fast , you'll probably want to hide them again, if only because they tend to clutter up Finder windows with extraneous items.

3 Ways to Show Hidden Files on Mac | Nektony Blog

The hidden files are once again hidden. No hidden folder or file was harmed in the making of this Mac tip.

If the power of the Terminal app intrigues you, you can find out more about what secrets Terminal can uncover in our guide: Use the Terminal Application to Access Hidden Features. Share Pin Email. Tom Nelson has written hundreds of articles, tutorials, and reviews for Other World Computing and About. He is the president of Coyote Moon, Inc. Updated January 04, With Terminal, a simple command is all it takes to get your Mac to spill its secrets.