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Richard is a very talented cellist and grew up in New York. Many years ago, he was playing in a club on East 84th St in the city with Dave Brubeck's son, Darius. During the evening, a customer in the club, who lived in Florence, filled Richard's thoughts with images of Italy, the culture, the music, the people and the food. He extended Richard an invitation to come to Italy, and 2 weeks later, Richard was on his way! Soon after his arrival, he was walking the streets of Florence when he bumped into an old college friend, a pianist, who was involved in the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino Orchestra, the most famous theater in Italy.

Soon after this chance meeting, this friend got Richard an audition for conductor, Riccardo Muti. Muti happened to be looking for a Principal Cellist for the orchestra, so Richard decided to perform and was offered the position. He thought he would stay a year, but stayed almost 9! It is here where his love for the culture blossomed.

As a result of all those years, living and fitting in perfectly with the people and lifestyle, he enjoyed all the fun times at the table with friends, sipping fabulous wine and studing how they lived. He learned how to cook from all his friends, their mothers and grandmothers and just couldn't get enough. He eventually went back to New York and immediately started working in the studios in the New York scene, but he missed Italy and the finer things in life.

He knew sooner or later he would have a place that would give him some of those feelings that he missed It wasn't until about 15 years ago when he got involved with an Italian restaurant in the Valley, did he learn what he wanted in restaurant ownership. In when Giuseppe's location became available, he knew he had to purchase it. It offered him the ability to use all he had learned while in Italy and share his experiences with others.

Owning Giuseppe's also allowed Richard the ability to continue with his music career, as he was able to perfect both. Richard joined the Phoenix Symphony in and has been the principal cellist for 24 seasons.

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Leopold Stokowski chose Bock, at age 18, to be principal cellist of the American Symphony Orchestra, making him the youngest principal player in the orchestra's history. Richard is also known for being a part of Frank Sinatra's orchestra for 5 years, touring throughout the United States and South America.

He will also tell you that he played with Tim Harden at the Woodstock Festival, for real!! Many interesting people have come to dine at the restaurant. Doc Severinson and Marvin Hamlish stopped in when they were visiting because Richard played with them both when he was in NYC - they wanted to see if his cooking was as good as his musical talents. So, the next time you are in the mood for some exceptional Italian food, stop into Giuseppe's on 28th. You may even be lucky enough to hear Richard playing his cello.

Step 2: Pasta

He is a very talented chef by day and exceptional cellist by night! Lunch Specials. Wine Cellar. Take Out.

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Chef Richard Bock. Giuseppe's on 28th. First Name. Last Name. Email Address. Sign Up. Today's Special Menu. House-made squid ink pasta with shrimp, calamari and clams in a tomato broth. These sell out quickly so be sure to ask for availability.

Skillet Baked Pancetta Macaroni and Cheese - My Bacon-Wrapped Life

Our secret recipe - this is not the way your mom made it! Features parmigiano, mozzarella, fontina, prosciutto, cream and butter baked until olden brown. Italian Chef Salad, Italian cheeses, olives, cucumber, carrots, onions, and mixed greens with our Italian vinaigrette dressing. Toasted Italian bread, garlic with extra virgin olive oil plus a choice of any 4 toppings,. All our Parmigiana dishes come with a side of pasta with tomato sauce. Rich's Special Pasta Dishes.

Pan roasted shrimp and cherry tomato, wilted arugula, house-made tagliatelle. Broccoli Rabe , mild sausage tossed with oil, garlic and crushed red peppers. Green chiles from New Mexico, roast chicken and sundried tomatoes , tossed in an oil and garlic sauce. Thinly sliced eggplant breaded and fried then baked with mozzarella and our tomato sauce.

Crab Mac & Cheese

Baked Pasta. The old classic…beef, ricotta, layered with our homemade tomato sauce. Our version of the classic.. Hot Italian Sub-Sandwiches. Customize your sandwich with your favorite flavors. Hot peppers, sweet peppers or extra cheese -. Cold Sub-Sandwiches. Giuseppe's House-Made Desserts. Giuseppe's Famous Sauces. This is our signature and we do a version of homemade pasta that grandmothers make in Italy and this is what would be served to families. The squid ink pasta is also another popular choice for diners.

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Butternut squash ravioli is also a delicious and somewhat unexpected flavor sensation for its unique flavor. I always have that handy.

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The pasta al Limoncello basically has a cream sauce and we throw a shot of Limoncello in there and burn it off. Finally, if you are searching for a flavor variety in your pasta, try the ravioli quartet.

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A delicious summer treat, the ravioli dish boasts pasta pillows stuffed with meat, cheese, spinach and portabello mushroom, all doused in a savory sauce.